This website would not be possible without the Goldens who came before them
and taught me so much, gave me such joy, and will never be forgotten.


Thistledoon Bailey's Ir Creme CD,
Certified Therapy Dog

My first Golden, my first dog to take to school every day, first obedience title, first therapy dog, and the one that made me know I could not live without a Golden in my life (ok, several). Bailey was my resident puppy raiser and loved nothing better than to get in the whelping box and let all the puppies crawl all over him. When the puppies were older, he would teach them the "right" way to do everything. Bailey loved everyone -- two or four-footed.
Am/Can CH. Allenridge Bodacious Blue, Certified Therapy Dog

Cooper was my first show dog and what a fun ride we had! He finished his AKC championship at 22 months and through him I met so many wonderful Golden people and the enjoyment (and heartaches) of Conformation. What a gorgeous goofy guy he was!
CH. Tempo's All Shook Up

While Peter Stager and I co-owned Tremor with Cheri Stager, we always knew that he was Cheri's -- what a lucky boy he
was to be so loved.
Am/Can CH. Goldenwind's World Series, OD

What a show girl she was with several Best in Specialty wins. Shea was co-owned withAnne Linden who expertly handled her throughout her impressive show career. Shea excelled in conformation, in thewhelping box, and
as a companion.
Am/Can CH. Tempo's Schoolhouse Rock, Can. SDHF, Certified Therapy Dog

Dog people say that there is always one dog that wiggles their way into your heart a little deeper than the others and that would be Booker. In the show ring, in my classroom, at home -- Booker made me smile every day. I sure hope there is a big supply of tennis balls in heaven for him.